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Discover Lane & McLaughlin.

The sum of the parts truly is greater when Lane-McLaughlin supplies the parts. Count on us for your machinery repair and tooling.

A note from our President, Robin Lane.

Lane-McLaughlin Manufacturing’s quality is equal to or better — with prices thirty to fifty percent lower — than the original equipment manufacturer. Ninety-two percent of orders are filled directly from existing inventory, offering speed of delivery when you need it most.

With Lane-McLaughlin, earning & retaining your goodwill is more than a corporate goal; it’s a way of life. We want to be a valuable supply partner to your company.


President, Lane & McLaughlin Manufacturing, Inc.


L&M: Redefining machinery repair — one part at a time.

Cliff and Robin Lane founded Lane-McLaughlin in 1987 with one goal in mind: to deliver the highest quality products and service to manufacturers throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. Over the years, the product line has evolved, but the company’s commitment to its customers has never faltered.

Today, Lane-McLaughlin is a leading provider of industrial machinery repair parts and tooling to customers across North America. The quality of our work rivals — and in many cases surpasses — the quality offered by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Best of all, we deliver our products at prices that are 30 to 50 percent lower than OEM parts. Agility is a key factor in our success. We fill 92 percent of our orders directly from existing inventory, allowing us to get the right products to our customers right when they need them.

Our experience is equally important. We’ve been helping manufacturers keep their machines running smoothly and efficiently for more than 30 years.

All of that knowledge goes into every mandrel, bushing, flange and roller we craft in our state-of-the-art plants. Our team of machinists, welders and fabricators apply their skills in a 25,200-square-foot production environment that allows for both quality and precision.

You’ll often find the owners of Lane-McLaughlin in one of the plants, with their sleeves rolled up. In fact, all three of the owners are also full-time employees who actively manage the company and fill specific job functions. Their can-do attitude and dedication to quality are passed on to all employees, which makes for a strong team and a strong company.

Provide us with an opportunity to serve you. We pledge to become more than a parts supplier. We pledge to become a valuable partner in your efforts to keep your company efficient and competitive.


Our Priorities: Quality, Precision, Savings, Delivery, and You.

Our Priority

Lane-McLaughlin manufactures repair parts and tooling for industrial machines and equipment. We serve customers in a variety of industries, providing reverse-engineered parts for several machine and equipment brands.

Product Quality That You Can Count On

At Lane-McLaughlin, we are equipped to reverse engineer using the latest CAD design software and technology to generate drawings from an actual O.E.M product. We often substitute with superior raw materials and heat treat methods to ensure unrivaled performance and product life.

Precision & Peak Performance

Although we have customers in numerous industries, we specialize in providing parts for machines and equipment that are used to produce paper and plastic containers for the food packaging industry. The manufacturing environment for paper cups can be quite complex, with separate machines or processes for forming, punching, and printing. Two piece wrap-around paper cups and bowls are produced at speeds greater than two hundred cups per minute. The top curl and seam and bottom seal tooling requires precise and consistent geometry for peak performance.

Save Time & Money

Regardless of the industry or the specific machine, we position ourselves as a value-oriented alternative to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Our parts cost less than OEM parts, sometimes by as much as 50 percent. Most importantly, our quality is as good or better than the OEM, and where improvements have been made, our quality is definitely better.

Lightning Fast Delivery

If you are a paper cup manufacturer and currently receive your parts and tooling from Paper Machinery Corporation or Hörauf, consider the advantages of working with Lane-McLaughlin. As an OEM alternative, we can save you time and money. Most of our incoming orders on cup machine parts are filled from stock, which means you pay less for lightning-fast delivery.

Meet Our Team

The sum of the parts truly is greater when Lane-McLaughlin supplies the parts. Count on us for your machinery repair and tooling.

Cliff Lane


Robin Lane


Craig McLaughlin

Vice President

Carey McLaughlin

Plant #1 Manager

Kimberly McLaughlin

Human Resources