Arc Furnace Steel Mill Parts

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We specialize in anodes used to produce steel for the steel mill industry. Contact us to discuss your mills’ needs today.

N24073.826 Stock Bore Shear Pin
N11950+36" Carbon Transition Fitting
N123201/4 X 10 X 33 1/2 With Break At 4 Inch Mark
MS1450 186 W/O HOLE, 40 WITH HOLE RELEASE # 22951006 Grade Anodes Set
ANODE DARL 128 WITHOUT HOLE, 40 WITH HOLE1018 Grade Anodes Set
MS1451 186 W/O HOLE, 40 WITH HOLE RELEASE # 22951018 Grade Anodes Set
413001841-L-02-3 Mh Dwg.427357-A Slipper
5.0 ST BOX5.0 Starter Box
5" ST BX BOLT55" Starter Box Bolt
6 X 9 ST BOX6 X 9 " Starter Box
N168956.25 X 6.25 Starter Box
7.0 ST BOX7 " Starter Boxes
7" ST BX BOLT7" Starter Box Bolt
C0644A-8Aluminum Bronze Slide-Lh
C0644A-7Aluminum Bronze Slide-Rh
4184058Bander Blade Cutters Signode #E568010 Location 45-M-03-3 Part Stampe...
4233210Bibby Guard Stud
42-331-14Bm2 Stra Spline Flange
N26369Bolt Per Sample Bm2 Quick Disconnect
4176352Bolts For Stabley Connection In Bar Mill 1
436629-2Bronze Tapered Sleeve For Stand P629 Nucor Part Number 41-31-003 ...
N39062Bushing Per Danieli Dwg. 5.246011.V
4233197Bushing Per Dwg 53Ad1154
4172025Bushing Per Dwg 53Ad1179
N12385Clevis Bushing Dwg C-14-1143 Item C 2X4
N24184Clevis For Bm2 Stacker Carriages Drw K31159-B
1054-4011-05Collars For Anode Dwg 1054-4011-05 Item 16
1054-4011-05-17Collets For Anode Dwg. No. 1054-4011-05 Item 17
CURSOR BLCursor Block For Fnc
CO664A-LCursor Block Retainer Left Hand
CO664A-RCursor Block Retainer Right Hand
N63980Cyl Clevis / Print K31159 B
4233114Danieli 4.428310.F Bushing
#4.554040.BDanieli Combs As Modified By Ray Evans
455027Distance Ring
C0663-A-STUDDouble End Stud
3318002Fixed Knife Blade Assembly For Rl Compactor
N73977Fnc Bottom Plate
FNC GATE RE-BLDFnc Gate Re-Build
FNC GATE ASSYFnc Slide Gate Assembly Complete
CO646AGuide Plate Retaining Nut
CO645A-LGuide Plate-Left Hand
CO645A-RGuide Plate-Right Hand
17491Hot Shear Bolts
N12717Labor And Material To Water Jet Profile And Machine Id Motor Mount Plate
4201105 DWG. NO. 2954-00187A REV.6Labrinth Seal Plate Knock Down Cover
4.272795.ELever With Square Hole 1-08-01-620-70100-000000 Proj:
SAL60TE-2RS-LLh Turnbuckle
N20197Locating Bushing C 14 1142 D
370085Loop Cover
N12349Mh Drawing 239206 Transistion Piece For Groove Changer
4176018 (629PS)Mh Dwg 427205-2 Tapered Sleeve Dia. 170 X 188 1 Std 12 @ 14
4205004Mh Dwg 47087-2 Bronze Sleeve 180Mm Tapered Sleeve For Roll Neck P481...
CO647ANozzle Centering Ring
AN NUTSNuts For Anodes
11095Nuts To Fit The Bm2 Stand Shear Pins
1 & 1/8" SpacerOd Id Length N77295
N63981Pins And Keeper Plates Dwg K31159 B
N59952Plate Pos.01 Dwg 031578
4172044Rbstd03 T22.6 Shear Pins For Rbstd3 Dwg. Srzd35N
4172043Rbstd1/2/4/5/6 T23.7 Shear Pins For Rbstd1/2/4/5/6 Dwg. Srzd35N
4112021Reduction For Screw Pamini Dwg. 2954-00105-01
N13535Retaining Nuts For Slide Plate Assembly
SAL60TE-2RS-RRh Turnbuckle
N11397Rolls Per Danieli Drawing 4.750117.A
2STD12Shear Pin
2STD14/16Shear Pin
4172033Shear Pin Stamp No. 2Std11/13/14/16
4172037Shear Pin For 2Std12
4172046Shear Pin For Rod Line 8 Stand Block 1/3/5/7 Print No. 4.970952.C
4172045Shear Pin For Rod Line 8 Stand Block 2/4/6/8
N66405Shear Pin For Stand 11 "T" Dimension 22.9 1045 Material
4176345Shear Pin For Stand 11 1045 Matl T=23.1 1In - 14Thrd
N66406Shear Pin For Stand 12 "T" Dimension 22.4 Material 1045
4176346Shear Pin For Stand 12 1045 Matl T-22.8 1In - 14Thrd
4176347Shear Pin For Stand 13 1045 Matl T=22.8 1In - 14Thrd
4176348Shear Pin For Stand 14 1045 Matl T=22.1 1In - 14Thrd
4176349Shear Pin For Stand 15 1045 Matl T=21.5 1In - 14Thrd
4176350Shear Pin For Stand 16 1045 Matl T=22.1 1In - 14Thrd
N66408Shear Pin For Stand 17 "T" Dimension 22.1 Material 1045
4176351Shear Pin For Stand 17 1045 Matl T=22.6 1In - 14Thrd
4176207Shear Pin For Stand 18 4340 Ht Material 34-37 Rc T=21.5 1In - 14 Thrd
N66407Shear Pin For Stands 15 And 16 "T" Dimension 23.2 Material 4340 Ht
CCL SHR PINShear Pins Per Sample Provided -Bm2 Ccl Ext Trolleys
4428094PSlipper N66800
4220072Spacer 1.226 Lg Dwg No. 2954-00187Aa-03
4220061Spacer Dwg. No. 2954-00188-01 1Std01-04
4201106Spacer 1.265 Long Dwg No. 2954-00187A
SPACER FOR SLIDE PLATESpacer For Slide Plate .500 Thk X 1.500 Od X .900 Id Ca...
4176364Srzd22P Shear Pin Fir Tmb 2 1500Kw Motor T=13.5Mm
4176365Srzd30P Shear Pin For Bgv 2P 1500Kw Motor
4176363Srzd40P Shear Pin For Tmb 1 3600Kw Motor T=27Mm
N11325Stainless Steel Spray Nozzles Per Bender Dwg. 78
4233191Staubli Bolt N26369
SRBAStopper Rod Bolt Assembly
4232283 )Sund/B Sv2-6000.4798 Twisting Head 050 1Fnnew
4.091773.WSupport With Round Hole 1-08-01-620-70100-000000 Proj:
4172022T .870 In Dia Shear Pin For Stand 1Std08 Ref 2188 Red
11093T .913 In Dia Shear Pin For Stds 9-11-12-13-14-16 Ref 1717
11094T .941 In Dia Shear Pin For Stds 7 And 10 Ref 1401
4172030T. 890 In Dia Shear Pin Green 1977 2Std 14 15 16
4172032T. 898 In Diameter Shear Pin Stamped 1891
439466Tapered Sleeve Bronze Nucor P/N 41-31-002 Length 200Mm
4220049Threaded Ring Per Pomini Dwg. 2954-00189-01
N27917Tmb Bushing Danieli Dwg. 5.951843X
N39145Tmb Bushing Grind
ST BX LINKTop Connecting Link For All Size Starter Boxes
5" ST BX PLTop Plate For 5" Starter Box
7" ST BX PLTop Plate For 7 " Starter Box
N14173Trolley Support Arms For 1048 Crane Upgrade
TUNDISH FUSETundish Fuse 8In Schedule 40 Pipe X 7In In Height With 3 Pins
N13534Wear Plate For Mold Oscillators C-14-1143-A
4232409Wire Clamp Device For Bm1 Sund Birsta Wire Tie Machine - Pt 206503019